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You have more darkness than the horses and the gorgeous
and they ask,
"whom do you dress for in the morning?"
And that is ill-afforded, by how you see it.

In the cloaked hand of the prophet, there is Calm
and lightning attracts fast-moving freight trains
like lichen limply clinging to the arms of intellect,
I am grossly insipid
I can sit all night with an armchair pursuit of intellect

fire doubles every 19 degrees the higher it burns

or·rer·ies /'or-&r-E, 'är-/ Function: noun... mmm, yeah, that's a funny word, I think.

Mmm, I don't know. I'm not quite sure of anything today.
Wow, I know absolutely nothing.

We are all terse versions of those whose ease we predicate.
Your deer-alien-dogma excitens me.

And yeah, yeah, that didn't make much sense either.
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