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so yesterday I'm in the [shhh] GAP and the legends come on. and I have no choice but to sing and dance along. you know, fuck along everyone else cause I've a tendency to detest other human beings as of late. ("fuck along," yeah, I like that). and so this song comes on next (this very song) and I drop everything, enchanted; alien ears perk, doe eyes widen, mind searches database - I don't know this. see, people think I'm addicted to shopping for the clothes, but really, it's the music. like everytime I walk into hollister and want to scream with all the furor of teenage angst borderlining true, bonafide psycho rockin' out cause of the loud indie stuff, or wondering why they play house in abercrombie... anyway, the really tall, good looking guy is flirting with me as he rings me up and I keep looking up at the ceiling as if it's a teleprompter and asking him what's playing. he gets confused, has no idea. i look forlorn, pacing, eyes wed to the ceiling still. he asks an asian man. he knows not either. good looking guy looks genuinely forlorn. fuck along. i steal his pen. i scribble lyrics on his counter. yeah, yeah guy, how attractive is that. i walk out singingly. got what i came for. search engines are great. goodness, journals are dumb.
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